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We sometimes have Boer Goats for Sale on our sales page. Please check it out if you have the time. Some of the goats include their pedigrees. We also sometimes have a few Anatolian Shepherds for Sale.


Red Creek Farm is the home of high quality full blooded South African Boer Goats and AKC registered Anatolian Shepherd Livestock and Personal Guardian Dogs. We often have puppies and goats for sale at our 36 acre farm in Iva, South Carolina. We welcome visitors to view our stock, just be sure to call ahead or e-mail us so we will be available. We enjoy meeting other "Goat People" and love to talk "Goat."

We decided to concentrate on red and paint boers in 2004 and wanted some of the best genetics we could get. That is why we bought a red CODI/PCI buck and a paint CODI/PCI doe from Huntis Black to give our colored genetics a boost. We are now having full and partial CODI/PCI colored kids and they are looking GREAT!


Our Boer Goat bloodlines include a number of well known South African goats including Hilltop Jerry (Ennobled), EGGSORCIST (Ennobled), EGGS RYALS MAGNUM (Ennobled), 7A+ SKYBLOSSOM, EGGSFILE (Ennobled), DSM Wobbles, DSM Snorty, UCNR PISTOLERO ABGA National Reserve Champion, UBORA (Ennobled) and Boulder.


We purchased our goats at a number of goat sales, including the Texas / Carolina Connection sale in Fletcher, North Carolina, the Applegate/Pitts dispersal sale in Winchester, Kentucky, and through farms in both North Carolina and Tennessee. We also have a page that shows our Boer Goats for sale in South Carolina and added some more does which we purchased at the Godsey dispersal sale in Gray, Tennessee. We are close to Georgia and within a half day's drive from Florida, Eastern Kentucky and Virginia.

Our Livestock Guardian Dogs are AKC registered Anatolian Shepherds that have beautiful pups and make great working dogs for both livestock and home protection. We have added an Anatolian Shepherd article.

Shelly just had a new litter of Anatolian Shepherd Puppies for sale.


Click this link to see some our our satisfied customers and read their testimonials about our pups.


Our grandson, Noah, bottle feeding.


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If you are looking for Anatolian Shepherds for sale in South Carolina you are at the right place. If you would like to read about some people who bought our Anatolian Shepherd puppies for sale in South Carolina, read our satisfied customers page.


Red Creek Farm

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